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Counselling & Psychotherapy in French & English


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Counselling/ Psychotherapy/ Psychoanalysis


There are many kinds of therapies and it can be difficult to differentiate between them as well as to know which one is right for you. The vocabulary itself can be misleading as the term "psychotherapy" is often used as an "umbrella word" under which is grouped different kinds of talking therapies.


Broadly speaking, talking therapies differ from the medical model as they focus on the speaking subject as a whole.


Counselling is sometimes thought of as short-term therapy and may help to focus on a specific issue.


Psychotherapy is thought of as longer-term therapy and aims at a deeper exploration of the various issues of one's life to enhance change. Humanistic approaches, like person-centred or Gestalt therapies, focus on the individual and encourage them to take responsibilities for their feelings and behaviour, other approaches like CBT focus on current problems and offer solutions.


For further resources please visit for more information on types of counselling and psychotherapy.


Psychoanalysis, also referred to as the 'talking cure,' is largely based on the works of Freud, Lacan and Klein. It is non-directive therapy based on free association, dreams and phenomenology. You can find more here
Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College.


Counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis have common goals: they aim to alleviate pain.

"History is not the past. History is the past as long as it is historicised in the present, historicised in the present because it has been lived in the past."
- Lacan, Seminar 1 (my own translation)



Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are for adults and young adults experiencing difficulties, suffering, mental pain or symptoms affecting their life.


They also are for people who, questioning their live, want to have a better understanding of themselves and their actions.


Sessions take place face to face or online.


First consultation

If you are interested by this kind of "talking therapies" or if you think you could benefit from it, I invite you to make an appointment for an initial consultation. My practice is in Clapham (SW4).

This first consultation, which can last for more than one session, will give you the opportunity to explore your reasons for seeking therapy at this time.


If you find the experience useful and want to go ahead we will organise weekly sessions. Sometimes depending on the work you want to do but also on how you feel we may decide together that two sessions a week for a while would be helpful.



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