Counselling & psychotherapy in English or French in Clapham, Stockwell, London,SW4
Counselling & psychotherapy in English or French in Clapham, Stockwell, London,SW4

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy

I am a therapeutic counsellor and my approach to counselling draws from different therapeutic orientations, person-centred, existential and psychodynamic


Whereas some come to therapy for a specific problem such as anxiety, eating disorder or depression for example, others come because they are questioning and/or in search for meaning in their life.

If you are reading this page it is probably because you already have your own reason to think about therapy.

In my counselling room I will engage with you in a relationship based upon openness, honesty and confidentiality.


In order to explore what you want from therapy  the simplest way is to send me an email or call me to set up an appointment.

Counselling or Psychotherapy

Counselling is sometimes considered as a short time process with generally a specific issue to focus on whereas psychotherapy could be seen as a longer term process during which you explore patterns of behaviour and their consequences in your current life. I do believe that at time they overlap.


There are a lot of different ways of describing what therapy is. I see it as your space to explore your various experiences of life. I see my role as helping you to make sense of these experiences.

I offer face to face counselling services in Clapham for adult and young people


Béatrice de Lajudie  

Counselling & Psychotherapy 

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